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Bespoke                 Just as every Armagnac is different, each tour will be individually unique


Glamour and Gumboots tours are bespoke to suit the client. Each one will be a unique 'made to measure' experience for the visitor and the possibilites are numerous depending on your desires. As gastronomy is a focal and renowned part of life here, there are many different opportunities to take part first hand where you could join in with the grape harvest, be face to face with a duck during the 'gavage', plait garlic, learn how to make some of the many traditional dishes or taste Côtes de Gascogne wine and Armagnac with the producers. Depending on the time of year, there is always something to discover that most normal visitors to the region would not have access to.  


You can take a break from eating, drinking and getting your hands dirty as there are beautiful historic and cultural sites to visit, exhibitions, rugby matches, concerts and thermal spas with hammams and massages to relax and pamper.  Summer evenings dining alfresco and wandering around the night markets or cosy winter firesides with a glass of warming Armagnac after a day in a palombière (migrating pigeon hunting lodges).    

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