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Gascony is in southwest France, to the east and south of Bordeaux.  A tucked away corner that encapsulates a certain 'Art de Vivre' (way of life) where enjoying the pleasures of the simple life is at the forefront of the locals' ethos.


It is a stunningly beautiful rural region with green rolling hills where small-scale mixed farming reigns and ducks that are bred for foie gras and all other duck delicacies, outnumber the inhabitants.  Renowned for its gastronomy, visitors will be regaled with country dishes that can be hearty or delicate, rustic or refined.


Vineyards for the Côtes de Gascogne wines and Armagnac brandy undulate like ceaseless waves on the slopes with a backdrop of the Pyrenees on a clear day.  Protected by the mountains and the Landes forest, which is the largest maritime pine forest in Europe, the vines benefit from a microclimate that is perfect for the aromatic freshness and maturity with long hot summers and cold winters.


"If music be the food of love play on, ..." And so they do just that during the balmy sunny days in Gascony as music festivals abound, including the well known jazz festival that takes over the little town of Marciac in the Gers for the first two weeks of August each year (see Calendar for other regular events). 


Under the skin of Gascony


Get under the skin of Gascony

Discover the rich palette of its gastronomy.

A secret garden that's truly authentic,

Ducks and Armagnac, prunes and garlic.


Go where few have been able to tread,

Croustade, palombe, melons and bread.

Taste the delights of traditional cuisine,

Garbure and wines, magret and terrines.


Let your taste buds dance and your soul ignite

To the rhythm of jazz on a balmy August night.

If music is the food of love, play on

Sunflowers swing, the adventure has begun!

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