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"...Finally, I think we all know that our tour would not have been as fantastically successful without the management and execution of our Amanda.  Yannick and I thank her from the bottom of our hearts and look forward to working with her in future.  She did so much of the ‘on the ground’ work of seeking out, meeting, making reservations with the wonderful purveyors that we met.  We feel that her skill-set, connections, and impeccable standards match our own in terms of how we envisioned this inaugural tour of Gascony.  Thank you, dear Amanda, you are one-of-a-kind!"                                                  Susan Rousseau, Rousseau Wines CA, June 2015


"I have intended since our return to send a note of sincere thanks for your delightful introduction to Gascogne and Armagnac!  Sorry I took so long.  I thought the tour was expertly organized and executed... Bravo"                             Jerry Abajian, June 2015


"It is so hard to believe we are already home a full week from our marvelous trip to France.  I wanted to thank you for the excellent planning of every detail during our stay in Gascony.  The region is so beautiful and has so many areas and adventures to explore.  Thanks so much for the introduction to Armagnac and sharing your extensive knowledge on the  subject.  Our stay at the Chateau was made even more special by the many extras you had arranged for our group and by the forethought and planning that you put into the schedule of events.  The food, the wine and the Armagnac were all delicious but the hospitality of the people at the chateau and those we met in every town, village or wine cellar was also heartwarming.  Thank you for making a beautiful vacation magical and truly unforgettable. Merci, Merci, Merci"                        Linda Beckman, Chicago, June 2015


'Thanks for organising such a lovely trip for us.  The memories of it will keep me going through the winter months."                                              Simon Monk, in October 2014


"For a tour of distillers as individual as Armagnac, nothing could compare with Glamour and Gumboots. Amanda's huge local knowledge and friendship with so many of the local characters provided us with a day filled with the region's personalities plus some truly remarkable tastings and samplings of the rich local fayre.  Amanda even found time for us to enjoy Gascony's rich history and beautiful countryside.  Like the Armagnac itself, truly memorable".                                                            Musketeer Mark Ridgwell of Taste and Flavour


'It's hard to tell whether it was the 70 year old Armagnac producer clambering over her barrels and drawing up a phial of amber potion just for us, or the ebullient monsieur amid his cobwebbed treasure trove of brandies gleefully encouraging us to try, try, try them all... who has left me with the most lasting impression.  The whole wonderful experience of our Gascony adventure with Amanda is preserved like the very elixir we came to taste under her expert tutelage and care.  Looking forward to another tot soon!'                                                                            Sarah Lazenby, Lewes, UK


'Thank you for a really great 4 days.  Everything ran extremely smoothly, which doesn't just happen by chance but was due to an immense amount of effort and hard work by you.  Thank you somehow seems inadequate.  It can not have been easy organising the visits in January when everwhere is effectively closed. The more I reflect on those 4 days, I realise what a great time we had and how much we crammed in thanks to you.  At the time it was so 'full on' I didn't really have time to appreciate some of it properly and how privileged, lucky we were to actually get into these places and be shown round and wined and dined.'                  Chris Dabner, UK

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