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Gascony has a bewitchingly magical quality and a true feeling of positive energy, naturally lending itself to being the ideal place to recharge your batteries and get in touch with nature.  


It is therefore not surprising to find a wealth of spa towns in this region, offering a multitude of facilities, cures and treatments.  Each is privileged to have its own healing ‘waters’ to relieve specific complaints, though visitors can just go to relax, enjoy the pools, Turkish baths, saunas , fitness rooms and gyms or benefit from the many different types of massages, relexology or beauty treatments on offer. 


With an abundance of flora and fauna, it is a paradise for nature lovers with a peaceful silence that reigns aside from the frogs singing in the spring.  Walks around the vineyards,past chateaux and next to fields of sunflowers make you want to paint every scene and will bring the poet out in anyone.  The night sky is deep and black with no light pollution so if you are into star gazing, this is the perfect place to spot the constellations and wish on a shooting star.  

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